Non-Profit Communication

Expand your impact with customizable design, photography, and videography packages. All of Austin’s non-profit communication packages are collaborative and in-person with free consultations included, even in the grant-writing stage.

Share your mission

Photography & Filming

Connect to your audience through stories of your work told by dedicated donors, staff, and volunteers.

Expand your impact

Events & Reports

Generate attention with professionally targeted fundraising assets that encourage others to join your cause.

Convert followers into do-ers

Fundraising Campaigns

Optimize your outreach to turn followers into donors and volunteers.

Your cause is unique

Free consultations and customizations included

Each booking includes two 1-hour consultations. Together, we craft a custom creative plan to maximize your budget and reach your goals, deliverables, and target audiences.

Grant writing is hard enough. I provide free consultations to non-profits in the grant writing stage, partnering on custom budgets and plans that fit your needs.


Austin Schuver

With over 10 years experience with non-profit communication, Austin specializes in creating food and conservation content that helps organizations raise money and expand their reach. He lives in Bellingham, Washington. Read more about Austin.