BirdMaster: A New Game!

I designed a new game in which you’re an intrepid birder left with only a brief flash of feathers for your identification. Can you guess the correct bird?

As you progress through the levels, hints dwindle (or disappear altogether). Once you complete the Backyard BirdMaster you can move onto BirdMaster: Field Expert.

Backyard BirdMaster is a game suitable for young children. The expert BirdMaster is hard—even for experienced birders.

I encourage you to grab a bird guide if you get stuck. Be sure to take some time to appreciate the wonderful variety of colors and patterns, and most of all, have fun.

BirdMaster Quiz Contest: Win a Free Print

You could win! To be eligible for a free Austin Schuver 8×10 print or screensaver of your choosing, simply complete a BirdMaster quiz and send me your email address. Any score qualifies! I will choose a winner on April 15th.

Thanks to Sidney Anderson for reviewing the first drafts of these quizzes and suggesting the name!