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  • A 2020 success

    A 2020 success

    2021 Conservation Calendars This year, conservation calendars traveled to 11 states on the path to raising over $200 for Washington Environmental Council. I donated to WEC because most of my calendars went to my home state, helping fund important work on salmon recovery, Puget Sound orcas, clean energy, environmental justice, and more. Thank you everyone. […]

  • Calendars are back for 2022

    It’s that season again. Bears fatten up, birds fly south, and Austin stresses about having 12 photographs to perfectly represent every month of the year. Luckily, I average around 30,000 photos per year. That’s a lot to choose from. And this year, I’m using photos from my last five. And all you have to do […]

  • Calendars are back for 2020!

    Calendars are back for 2020!

    Last November, I started a new holiday tradition: poring over thousands of my latest nature photos to nominate 12 favorites to adorn the pages of a luxurious wall calendar. Friends loved the calendars so much that I had to bring them back for 2020. 2020 Calendars Full-size original bird and landscape photographs matching the seasons […]