2023 Conservation Calendar

  • The Summer Visitors of Great Duck Island

    The Summer Visitors of Great Duck Island

    A Summer Sojourn On Great Duck Island, the field researchers from College of the Atlantic are just temporary summer visitors. But they are not the only ones. Almost all of the birds who rely on the small protected island in the Gulf of Maine for breeding, nesting, and raising young are only summer visitors themselves. […]


  • After Yellowstone, In Search of Nature

    After Yellowstone, In Search of Nature

    Every student at College of the Atlantic earns a degree in human ecology. The following piece is my final human ecology essay, a place where each College of the Atlantic senior reflects on what they learned during their schooling and presents a snapshot of their view of “human ecology.” As long as I can remember I […]


  • Leaves: A Fall Project

    Leaves: A Fall Project

    Of the many enchanting parts of plants, leaves may be the most wonderful. They add color, form, and oxygen to our world. The sheer amount of variation in leaves is mind-boggling, especially when you consider that most true leaves have one basic function: photosynthesis. This is a function so critical to life on this planet […]


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