2023 Conservation Calendar

  • Hi, Nice Towhee Meet You

    Hi, Nice Towhee Meet You

    How to Identify a Towhee Towhees: these robin-sized sparrows are no drab LBJs.  The rufous towhees sport a baggy three-piece-suit: a loose jacket on their back; an orange vest on their sides; and a plain white shirt covering their breast. A deep black head and beak surround bright amber eyes. Yet towhee attire varies slightly […]


  • What if normal is the problem? And other coronavirus questions

    What if normal is the problem? And other coronavirus questions

    The pandemic diaries Eleven months ago, I flew home to Sea-Tac as coronavirus dug its claws into the flesh of the world. Shelves emptied, businesses closed, panic began to set in. In March 2020, I wrote in my notebook a snippet of conversation I overheard in the grocery store: “Are we going to die?” A […]


  • A 2020 success

    A 2020 success

    2021 Conservation Calendars This year, conservation calendars traveled to 11 states on the path to raising over $200 for Washington Environmental Council. I donated to WEC because most of my calendars went to my home state, helping fund important work on salmon recovery, Puget Sound orcas, clean energy, environmental justice, and more. Thank you everyone. […]


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