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Photography, climate change, and non-profit communication

Austin Schuver
  • BirdMaster: A New Game!

    BirdMaster: A New Game!

    I designed a new game in which you’re an intrepid birder left with only a brief flash of feathers for your identification. Can you guess the correct bird? As you progress through the levels, hints dwindle (or disappear altogether). Once you complete the Backyard BirdMaster you can move onto BirdMaster: Field Expert. Backyard BirdMaster is […]


  • Is There Room for Pupfish in the Desert?

    Is There Room for Pupfish in the Desert?

    The town of Shoshone, California, population 31, lies between the border of Death Valley National Park and the Nevada state line. A saloon is the only business open after 6pm. Across the street, flashing light bulbs advertise LIQUOR and SOUVENIRS. The gas station sells the usual roadside conveniences along with Indian crafts and sparkling geodes. […]


  • Conditions for Collaboration

    Conditions for Collaboration

    In January I moved to Northern California to work for the Sierra Institute for Community and Environment. Below I’ve included a snippet of a short piece I wrote for the Sierra Institute blog on March 2nd. Before arriving in Taylorsville, I thought I knew what to expect. I had lived in a few small towns […]


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