As a trained conservationist and experienced nonprofit professional, I bring my research background into each session to capture moments that others miss. And, as a former engagement coordinator, I know the types of pictures that sell your cause to prospective donors and volunteers.

Conservation Photography - a researcher holding a gecko in Arizona
Food and Farming Photography - a farmer holding carrots at a farmers market
Cause Photography - a volunteer showing conserved landscapes in Maine 


Pricing for Photography Services

Base Rate:



Base rate includes a 1-hour consultation (by phone, Zoom, or in-person), on-site photography for 4 hours, 30 professionally retouched images, and full resolution .jpeg files for digital download within 2 business days.


I almost exclusively work for nonprofit organizations and I am committed to making professional photography available to all organizations to make our communities and our planet better. When possible, I scale the cost of my packages to reflect the budget of my client organizations. I calculate pay scale after the initial consultation.


Whatcom and Skagit County organizations currently receive a 30% off my usual rates. I’m eager to make new connections since I recently moved to Whatcom County after graduate school, the first time I’ve lived permanently in Western Washington since growing up in Enumclaw.

2021 Calendar
Newsletter Graphic Design Freelance Conservation Nonprofit Photography

All-in-One Photography Packages

Social Media:

I can tailor and resize your images for each of your social media accounts.


Let me design a template for your next newsletter or impact report using fresh photography. I can even work with your printing company (or find the best option for you) to print and mail your next outreach product.


Beautifully designed maps, guides, or other giveaways are valuable resources for soliciting feedback and information from members, thanking top donors or volunteers, or adding value to a fundraising campaign.

Collaborative Fundraising:

Every year I raise hundreds of dollars for local organizations through my Conservation Calendars. Let’s chat about collaborative fundraising products or events that can pay for my services while raising funds for your organization.


Fill out this form to tell me about your organization and its goals or, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask them here.

I’ll respond as soon as I can, usually within a business day.


Austin Schuver

With over 10 years experience with nonprofit marketing, Austin specializes in creating content that helps organizations raise money and expand their reach. He lives in Bellingham, Washington. Read more about Austin.