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  • Storytelling with Video

    Storytelling with Video

    Lights. Audio. Camera. ACTION! During a two-year-long internship, I worked with Jeremy Roberts, owner of Conservation Media in Missoula, Montana. Conservation Media is an award-winning storytelling outlet that produces short films for non-profit organizations, government agencies, and other clients. While Jeremy excels in captivating audiences with incredible imagery of wildlife and landscapes, his hidden mastery […]

  • What if normal is the problem? And other coronavirus questions

    What if normal is the problem? And other coronavirus questions

    The pandemic diaries Eleven months ago, I flew home to Sea-Tac as coronavirus dug its claws into the flesh of the world. Shelves emptied, businesses closed, panic began to set in. In March 2020, I wrote in my notebook a snippet of conversation I overheard in the grocery store: “Are we going to die?” A […]

  • Black Lives Matter in Enumclaw: Letter from Constituents

    I’m writing a letter to my hometown city council to show support for Black Lives Matter and demand change in the ways our public institutions approach policing and racism. I tailored this letter to my rural community that lacks much of any diversity, but you can download this template to craft your own. Dear Enumclaw […]