The Story of an Hour

A Summer Poem

A raindrop tells the story of an hour;
when a cloud comes to life in a day.

A bumblebee waits out the passing shower;
while a wildflower sees the season pass away.

A tanager tells the story of the canopy;
as a snake slithers along the forest floor.

An oak bears its weight patiently;
while a lichen outlasts everything before.

As it happens, from big to small, from fast to tall;
but a child can tell the story of them all.

Inspired by the last few weeks of wandering around in the woods—searching for owls in the dark (without success), the coming and going of wildflowers, seeing hungry fledgling chicks all around, and thinking about the limits of time and perspective.

Revel in summer: watch my short film from a lighthouse 11 miles off the coast of Maine.

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