2023 Conservation Calendar

  • An Ode to Bird Sounds

    An Ode to Bird Sounds

    Long after the mule deer curl up on their meadow mattresses, snipe dance with a courage that only the darkness can give. From a damp stage, they dance by the romance of the moonlight and a trillion twinkling stars. The croaks of frogs act like the beats of a drum for the ethereal sound tracing […]


  • How to Find 10 Warblers this Spring

    How to Find 10 Warblers this Spring

    Tips to find the most popular and colorful birds in the Northeast They’re tiny. They’re colorful. They’re loud. They’re often foraging high in the leafiest canopies, making them impossible to see even while bending over backwards. See below, the Blackburnian Warbler with bright orange throat, notorious for foraging way high up. Despite the challenges of […]


  • BirdMaster: A New Game!

    BirdMaster: A New Game!

    I designed a new game in which you’re an intrepid birder left with only a brief flash of feathers for your identification. Can you guess the correct bird? As you progress through the levels, hints dwindle (or disappear altogether). Once you complete the Backyard BirdMaster you can move onto BirdMaster: Field Expert. Backyard BirdMaster is […]


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